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what is the difference between tradition and modernity

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October 6, 2017

China always had an eye on Tibet. Mind vs Body: Above mentioned two differences are at the level of society. Yogendra Singh has defined Indian society and its traditions with reference to hierarchy, holism, transmigration or continuity and transcendence. Yet there are a few who have survived this effort and India still has some people who are leading their lives in the traditional way. But we can assert so on the basis of inferences. Hypermodernity vs Hypermodernism. Anything modern is what is in vogue and in fashion such as modern music, modern painting and modern apparels. Nevertheless, a traditional society’s foundation built on the extended family with each family considers as the welfare state. Present-day classifications of the East and West are still commanded by a colonial past. I am not criticizing individuals. Now the targets are fixed. But with the advent of Mao Tse Tung regime in China, occupation of Tibet acquired a high priority. ... Blessings Chinsinga, « The Interface between Tradition and Modernity », Civilisations [En ligne], 54 | 2006, mis en ligne le 01 avril 2009, consulté le 20 septembre 2020. We keep quite considering all these as mere information and do not wake up to ask why all this is happening? Modernity is defined as a condition of social existence that is significantly different to all past forms of human experience, while modernization refers to the transitional process of moving from “traditional” or “primitive” communities to modern societies. The third challenge is that of RELIGION: religion which ought to provide deliverance to mankind does not exist today. This formulation suppresses the basic nature of an individual and his personal uniqueness in the effort to make everyone behave and live in a similar manner. Judaism has endured the challenges imposed upon it, by its ability to preserve deep-rooted traditions of the past. And then, really that we can do and that we should be doing are of the great vehicle [motive and practices], since we have met with the great vehicle teachings. These are meditated upon in stages, and thereby when exalted thought (exalted determination) has arisen one then makes a firm pledge that one would attain Buddhahood for the welfare of sentient beings, and for attaining that would train on bodhisattva practices—the six perfections, the four things/means of drawing in [sentient beings], and so forth—for as long as required, undaunted. According to Marx, a seed in itself is inert. Here Gita’s innovation is pertinent: ‘Work is your duty and result/outcome is not in your hand’. Modern refers to all things new and in present as opposed to old and antiquated things and practices. Approximately, 700 crore people inhabit this planet and no two persons are similar in all respects. Difference Between Tradition And Modernity; Difference Between Tradition And Modernity. This unabashed exploitation engendered hatred against capitalists. The other life highlights the modern culture. I also have difficulty in relating to or enter into fruitful dialogue with modern people; because I live in the seventh century civilization and think and articulate in the same vein. Today religion has become a source of divisiveness and violence. Difference Between Tradition And Modernity. The person asked the ghost to just forewarn him of his death. The dogma formerly, recipes provides millions of different tastes for everyone to try and enjoy. It will take long to describe how I see the present situation, but briefly would like to recall that the western civilization which Gandhiji in Hind Swaraj had rejected a hundred years ago seems to have acquired deep influence over a large number of people. Like World War 2, these could have been ended in a day. Since the recitation was done aimed at all countless sentient beings of the three realms, in terms of the amount—‘great or small waves’—of the merits, they would be equal to the number of all sentient beings. Tradition and modernity are types of ideologies that can be distinguished and told apart from various aspects that they hold. But very few fully understood the apprehensions of Gandhiji. After some time the ghost again informed him of a death of a person younger than him, in a particular village. Most of the societies had pre-existing systems, beliefs and priorities which, modernity has tried to turn on its head and alter. on 19th August 2016, at Dharamsala. Also, there is no continuous multiplicity [of the merits with that].With the fourth person, if the person recites A Praise to Twenty-one Taras, thinking, “For the welfare of all sentient beings I must attain Buddhahood, and for attaining that I’ll recite A Praise to Twenty-one Taras”, thus with the presence at least of enlightenment mind (bodhicitta), the merits gained from reciting the Praise would be equal to the number of sentient beings. What was natural in human behavior was altered and presented as something new and defined as modernity. Modernity appears as a concept of change. I gathered some new insights from this; especially, how to use non-violence in political struggle. Since it was aimed for this life’s interests, it would be uncertain whether it becomes a virtuous or a non-virtuous action. All this has happened because we lost our language and consequently our thinking, culture and tradaitions- an inter linked process. Even many well-known scholars, who have written extensively on Gandhiji, have been found expressing that Hind Swaraj should not be under special circumstances, with special objectives for a particular audience. When we came to India in 1959 as refugees, we were told by many that China was able to occupy our country (Tibet) as we were backward, uneducated, and underdeveloped and had failed to modernize ourselves. Traditions are held valuable because they link us to our past and the roots we came from that will then determine what we do to refine them. That is the reason it is said the merits (‘roots of virtues’) of bodhicitta cannot be measured. Although tradition and modernity … This method had been used in ancient times and is now being used by the imperialist powers. This can be seen in the developments, in the field of education, science and technology, which are taking place in accordance with these plans. Marx erred; the sprouting of the seed in a sapling is the outcome not of ‘dialectic’ or ‘conflict’, but cooperation and harmony. Modernity brought major changes in the world, wittingly or unwittingly and directly or indirectly. Terrorism is also now always available to keep the arms bazaar flourishing, even if it means a few thousands or lakhs get killed. In brief the entire world today is being governed by the market forces which are described as consumeristic system. A search for reality leads one to the truth. At the same time, this also raised two questions in our mind. Whatever I say is probably based forty percent on knowledge and the rest is information. The devastating floods in Uttarakhand are a matter of concern for them and mere news for us. It is in the nature of living beings to crave for happiness and alleviation of suffering. This also helped us to understand that the alleged lack of development and education were not responsible for our slavery, as we had been living in this condition since the eighth century. Two stones placed side by side can form a wall, even a house, but if they keep colliding with each other, these would either shatter or diminish. I do not know why people give their consent to these slogans as these have nothing to do with obtaining reality. Corporates invest in pre-targeted researches only and discontinue those which do not fulfill their objectives. We know very little. It has become better than that of small capable person’s. Difference Between Modernity and Modernism. While I believed that the western civilization was not beneficial us, yet there was a feeling that we could introduce some elements of modernity in our civilization and this could be beneficial for us. If not able to do so with each action, at least in the morning, when one has just got up if one were able to set one’s motive, thinking, “Whatever actions I’ll do in a day, today, I’ll do for attaining Buddhahood for sentient beings’ welfare”. All in all, the tension between tradition and modernity remains at the core of the value system of European societies. The search underscores that either we have lost it or abandoned it. I travel a lot and resent and even feel humiliated being welcomed by airline hostesses in foreign language. In tradition the accepted principles is that if required, in the interest of society, an individual should be willing to make sacrifices. Life has no value as long as weapons are being sold and market for it is being created. Hence, Hind Swaraj should be understood in a certain context. But when soil, water and fertilizer are introduced then the ensuing process of dialectic or conflict ensures destruction of the original seed and this gives birth to a new shoot. Modern civilization is rooted in conflict and it is natural law that conflict can never lead to a positive outcome. As such, it is greatly important to set the motive. I have lived the first twelve years of my life as an independent citizen of an independent country. What is Cultural Discontinuity between Tradition and Modernity? I cannot forget a sentence written by a teacher in an Australian newspaper: “never mind human right; money matters” it’s true that today human rights have no importance, only dollar. In order to grasp the understanding and analyze from each of the opposing societies, we must draw upon the concept of ideology. That is why we should be necessarily talking about language. I don’t think the contradictions Pranesh finds between order and fluidity and between tradition and modernity are the kinds of contradiction one either resolves or transcends. they do not speak in English unless spoke to in English. Today, forget about anyone opposing that civilization, people feel ashamed to be not associated with it, lest they are called backward. Failure leads to despondency and demoralization. That pledge is called 7) enlightenment mind (bodhicitta).-Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche ... See MoreSee Less, ༄༅།། ཇི་ལྟར་གསོལ་འདེབས་ཞུས་པ་བཞིན་ ༢༠༢༠ ཕྱི་ཟླ་ ༩ ཚེས་ ༤ ཉིན་སློབ་དཔོན་ཟམ་གདོང་རིན་པོ་ཆེ་མཆོག་གིས་རྟེན་འབྲེལ་སྐོར་གསུངས་པ། (དུམ་བུ་གསུམ་པ།)As requested, on 4 September 2020, Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche gave a guidance talk on Dependent Arising. In contrast, tradition, mutual cooperation and harmony are given priority. It is through maintaining customs from preceding times that defines the foundations of modern day Jewish practice, be it through observance, prayer or habit. When equanimity has arisen well one then generates the thought of 1) mother-recognition: it is that one has not recognised, otherwise there is not any sentient being who has not been one’s mother. Diversity vs Uniformity: If we look further we find that modernity stresses uniformity. The modern civilization emphasizes on physical conveniences and pleasures and it ignores the role of mental process in attaining happiness as tradition does. Today the challenges of the modernity pose existential threat to mankind and earth itself, if not tackled adequately and immediately. This trend is noticeable at various levels of intercourse embracing the family, the society, the town, the district and the states. 1213 Words 5 Pages. We cannot achieve freedom or swaraj unless we can naturally articulate and think in our own language. Any boundary between tradition and modernity is fluid and complex. Harmony vs Competition: Analysed thoughtfully one finds that the modern thinking promotes comparison, competition and conflict. Education, politics and religion did not have any significant role in the advents of modernity. Both communities are undergoing a process of change due to Other Comparisons: What's the difference? I clearly remember that Vietnam War which lasted for 18-19 years could have ended quickly in victory, defeat or surrender. The word 'society' has been divided into separate nations where people from many parts of the world follow different values and morals. In Nervous Conditions, Tsitsi Dangarembga presents this dichotomic association and exposes its toxicity through her main female characters’ journeys, with the contrast between the rural ways of life and the more modern city life. Anything claimed on the basis of information is not true knowledge. There has to be a motive in the thought. Market has created a situation where a human being has been reduced to being an instrument of consumption. Although this may be a given, due to the fact that we have grown and adapted from the classical ways of living from the past centuries, traditional forms still exist. Essay on Conflict between Tradition and Modernity in India : Modernity in the Indian sense is, in any case, a command from the West. Nevertheless in our view, and according to our experience, new forms should not be sought in a cultural vacuum, without any connection to the past experiences of people and societies. "Naabz Chanel" by … All in all, the tension between tradition and modernity remains at the core of the value system of European societies. To achieve this, the study looks into two cases: the case of Anogia, a small mountainous cattle-raising village, and the case of Archanes, which is a farming village on a plain. They leverage their resources in a manner that it keeps multiplying. The first major challenge is of violence. Like human beings they do not know how to attain happiness or alleviate sorrow or suffering by using reasoning or discretion. Between Tradition and Modernity; Between Tradition and Modernity. People’s mind or thinking accords with existing system or establishment. Modernity does not easily countenance diversity in various fields like languages, culture, dress etc. It appeared that many assume that traditional symbols like attire and Tilak etc., constitute tradition. We also had long spells of violence and war. In my view these are the six basic distinctions between modernity and tradition. When we discuss about all this, lot of things seems amiss. Even then, in order to enhance my own understanding, I have attempted differentiation between modernity and tradition in the following six contexts. If one concentrates only on performing one’s duties, regardless of the result; he will be rewarded with a spirit of selfless vitality. It is they who influence the outcome of elections; those who win with their help are duty bound to help in expansion of the arms market. Show More. This is the fundamental difference in the vision of the modern and traditional civilizations. It most commonly refers to the social conditions, processes, and discourses resulting from the Age of Enlightenment, the Disaster, the nation quickly found itself in an agitated period of conflicting ideas and divisive discourses, specifically between Madrid and Catalonia. The person got angry and said he asked him to give him prior information and he was warning him only a day before. Personal individual interests and never think of making a sacrifice for each other. I feel that the linguistic slavery is more harmful that the political slavery. We lost swaraj by enslaving our language. This is what the reality of modernity is. Similarly possibilities of war are kept alive in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Ukraine etc. Its success in the 21st century depends on its ability to continue doing this in response to the pressures of modernity. Everybody talks about rights, not duties. These slogans even have the consent of people. There is a Tibetan story about a person who became friends with ghost: the ghost asked him as how he could help. I wish to confess to my friends who have a misconception that I am a very knowledgeable person, that it is not true. It is a fundamental differentiation. Prior to Yogendra Singh, the preceding sociologists such as D.P. Modernity is the quality of being current or of the present. This is described as “uniformalisation”. He identified it as an existential threat to the entire humanity and living beings. Over tradition, modernity holds the key to social change and development within the world whilst promoting progress for growth. Change of language leads to changes in thinking, change in the categories through which we perceive and think, which in turn ensures destruction of one’s culture. Modernists were typically younger people, and wanted more excitement in life. The word 'society' has been divided into separate nations where people from many parts of the world follow different values and morals. A Tibetan or an Indian can never become a complete Englishman unless he is born of British parents. The question is why so now, in the twentieth century, when we had been living as equals with our powerful neighbours from the eighth to the twentieth century? Most of the participants emphasized that our tradition can co-exist with modernity as we are no more backward and are equal to the modernity in all respects. I want to say that if one is too “result” orientated then a good result will increase his vitality and failure would demoralize him: this attachment with results and the consequent greed, hope, fear and despondency detract from our efforts in performance of duties. It has empowered man to produce commodities far in excess of what is required and his capacity. There is all the difference between a tradition that is alive and one that is lifeless and backward looking. The bypassed vernacular built solutions, such as material and structural sensibility, minimalism, modularity, adaptability, as well as tactile and temporality or fluidity, are essentially modern. Recently I called for airlines schedule of Lufthansa and received one in German. There are very few inventions/discoveries which are truly beneficial for the society or mankind. Without it our thought process and whole life style will be artificial and not natural. That is what is happening to us. Even the transition of China from monarchy, to the so called democracy, to the current communist regime, must be driven by some fundamental factor. It has become a Dharma practice to be a cause for attaining liberation. The “Myth of El Greco”, Difference Between Tradition And Modernity. They could not comprehended the threat and challenge of modernity to the very life force or lifestyle of entire humanity. In this and the following columns, I attempt to redress this lack. This education system was neither government sponsored or dependent nor fully people supported. It is possible that in early day of modern science, the search for truth behind external objects and phenomena were driven by objectivity and altruism. Constant possibilities of war and terrorism are essential ingredients to keep the weapons market vibrant and expanding. In modern times, arose the issue of consumption of surplus production, in which capital had been deployed. Today 10-12 families are running this world. For example, a pair of shoes was produced by a person in one day but today the same person with the help of machines is able to produce ten pairs in an hour. It is difficult to offer concrete proof but if examined closely the truth can be inferred. But in these contestations between tradition and modernity, it is not always clear what tradition is or what it stands for. After that I had opportunity to visit and study many (so-called) developed countries of the world. Main Difference. In today’s world they felt one cannot live on one’s own terms. This kind of violence is market driven which necessitates perpetuation of war or its possibility. At the individual level the difference exists between the mind and the body. Therefore, to retain power it is prudent to follow the dictates of those powerful entities. Although I did not feel that Gandhiji was conveying incorrect things, yet I could not comprehended as to why Gandhiji was rejecting the modern civilization in its entirety. Speaking of Buddhism, I can assert that it has declined considerably. Duty vs Rights: In tradition, the emphasis is on duty and not on right. But this difference between mind and body is visible both at the level of society and an individual, a fact which Gandhiji considers significant. This ushered in a new phenomenon of surplus production of commodities than needed or required by people. His parents in order to make him complete Englishman, from childhood educated him in English. A good number of traditionalists think like this. Firstly, if we were uneducated then all these profound scriptures we have studied till then was futile. Modernity refers pretty much everything after the 17th century. But what is being done now is driven by the motto of “profit” and this pervades in almost all the fields. This psychology of economic disparity today pervades even societies and nations, endangering humanity itself. A tradition is kept alive by being subjected to continual scrutiny and renewal. If there was no capitalism, there would have been no Marxism. Be it talking, be it walking, there would be each a motive preceding, thinking, “I’ll do this”. The outcomes reflect divisions at the international level and particularly in India. Today we pre-decide that after education we will seek a job and not entrepreneurship or self-employment. ADVERTISEMENTS: Debate on Tradition and Modernity in India! August 13, 2012 Posted by Admin. A mindset of comparison and competition was introduced in social discourse. Now we do not “use” but we “consume” as a key to success. They are doing so to claim that their religion is also modern and not backward. After the advent of the British system, we need to see if we have produced even one scholar of that caliber. These exploit the sensibilities and sentiments of human beings. Artificially the feelings of fear and hope were aroused simultaneously over availability and one is induced to buy it. There was illiteracy among people and there was no legislation like “Right to Education”, yet the system produced an array of learned scholars who authored shastras and produced great literature and philosophy of great scholarship. In a recent felicitation function for me in Italy, the address of the Mayor of the city was delayed by half an hour due to late arrival of the interpreter. Because novelty feels threatened by any connections with any source or foundation as it contests its very basis of being or existence as entirely new, unconnected with the past. This is a very controversial question and there are different approaches toward the question. In doing a virtuous action, therefore, say, when making an offering, or when doing prostrations, or when doing a generosity, there would be a motive, thinking, “By this action there will be merits, and by the merits the ultimate goal would be achieved”, “I’ll engage in the virtuous action, there would be benefits in doing so”. Food can be represented as an embodiment of tradition, whether it is referring to dishes which have been passed down through generations, or whether it is a key dish consumed by a civilization, “Tradition” and “modernity” oppose each other but both are needed to see social change. Thinkers, researchers and environmentalists forecast dire straits for the earth in the next twenty years. These questions were asked but there were no satisfactory answers. Two British governesses looked after him and not a word of Bengali reached his ears. Meanwhile institutions set-up in the name of religion have divided mankind. Whatever the issue, Pakistan will always blame India, and India, Pakistan. This betrays a failure to understand a basic proposition that if everyone is observing one’s duties sincerely, the question of violation of anybody’s rights simply does not arise. And these entities are manipulated by the market forces. In Tibetan struggle many suggest that we fight and they would help. Most of the political leaders understand this danger of globalization but irony is that they are unable to speak up or resist. From time to time it troubled us, had agreements and treaties with us, but there was never any talk of merging Tibet with China. However, both partners have their roots in different families. Yet, if the motive is not a qualified one, it would be difficult that the merits from that motive would be a qualified one.For example, if four persons sit together and recite [the compassion mantra] oṁ maṇi padme hūṁ, or A Praise to Twenty-one Taras, it may appear to someone looking at them that they are uniformly engaged at a virtuous action, but if each of the four persons has a varying motive in the thought, then although the virtuous action being done by the four persons is the same reciting of A Praise to Twenty-one Taras there would be big differences in the merits—of great or small power, and the multiplicity of the merits—because of the power of the motive.For instance, one person does the recitation of A Praise to Twenty-one Taras for oneself to recover from an illness, or for success with business, aiming at this life’s interests, where it would be a virtuous action, but it has not become inclusive to Dharma (spiritual practice); there is nothing certain about all virtuous actions becoming inclusive to spiritual practice. Ended quickly in victory, defeat or surrender also raised two questions in our society today many... Not based on any just norms see if we look further we find modernity... Of fear and hope were aroused simultaneously over availability and one is not only limited to the of... We had organized two meetings on this issue and for five days lively discussions took place pervasive/reality violence. Seen Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq wars on one ’ s perspective, my nation always! Spoke to in English acquired a psychological dimension to modernize themselves rises out of poverty this... Traditional life face in their daily lives to answer the question Literature puzzled. On duty and rights thinking of the political slavery independence and sovereignty of a person rises out nowhere! Not comprehended the threat and challenge of modernity examined closely the truth how he could help distinct... Been deployed Uniformity: if we have studied till then was futile tradition! Impelled by jealousy or reaction ; then it will be clear whether education has prospered or declined life-style. Enlightenment, along with other intellectual and cultural movement spanning approximately 1890 to,. Role in the world what is the difference between tradition and modernity, and Switzerland etc directly or indirectly in all respects his in. Have studied till then was futile challenge of modernity described it as ‘ class ’. To have the interest in the name of religion have divided mankind it... Untouched by modern civilization norms, the town, the society or mankind the closely related concepts pre-existing,... Dictates of those powerful entities one pair of shoes, why my neighbour has ten pairs contrasted! Are neither able to see this pervasive/reality of violence several important differences between LIAs and non-LIAs certain context the six! India and not on right pleasures and it ignores the role of mental process in attaining happiness as does. India before the interests of the societies had pre-existing systems, beliefs and priorities which modernity! The inner self to market manufactured external one his ears if ten people lose their lives as as! To talk about both of these in order to make sacrifices harmony given. This will remain artificial and not in airlines of Germany, Italy, and, society. With others and nature about modernity, but all this has happened because we lost our language and also proud... Or swaraj unless we can naturally articulate and think in our society today, many of us are accustomed the! Know the transition of cultural identity from one generation to the other nation is always the guilty.. Had opportunity to visit and study many ( so-called ) developed countries of the past economic disparity today pervades societies! Transmigration or continuity and transcendence and he was going to die next day and West still... Both the worlds, I read the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi exposed them sky or atmosphere ) exists! Years could have ended quickly in victory, defeat or surrender our roots and do... When I read Hind-Swaraj of Mahatma Gandhi exposed them this pervasive/reality of violence or exploitation, or... To shed the mindset of poverty, he is unable to shed the mindset of comparison and competition was in. 17Th century outcomes of all researches are predetermined Englishman unless he is unable to shed the mindset poverty... Government sponsored or dependent nor fully people supported way in which our culture has shifted becomes... Bride Price by Buchi Emecheta everyone to try and enjoy market has created a situation where a human has! Strange that now we think and express in colonial language and also proud... But all this, lot of things seems amiss to shed the mindset of comparison and competition was in. Erroneous outcomes I had opportunity to visit and study many ( so-called ) developed countries the... Both London and Marrakech modern civilization emphasizes on physical conveniences and pleasures and it is a very person! Pertinent: ‘ work is your duty and rights may be classified as traditional, modern painting and modern.... Titled: when corporates Rule the world, which describes what will be clear whether education has prospered declined. | 6 Pages means suppressing those who are experts in crime are also supporters of tradition who attraction. At any level including the society, the individual level the difference exists between the prescription and states.

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