Getting set up with your Shared VPN, Private VPN or Dedicated VPN on a Windows 10 Machine

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Adding additional users to your Private VPN or Dedicated VPN
October 6, 2017

Getting set up with your Shared VPN, Private VPN or Dedicated VPN on a Windows 10 Machine

The process of adding your certificate to a Windows PC is simple. For this, you should have already installed the OpenVPN GUI for windows. If you haven’t done this yet please download the software and install it on the Windows pc you want to connect to your VPN. We have provided the links for the GUI client based on Window Vista or later below.

Windows x32 bit OpenVPN GUI
Windows x64 bit OpenVPN GUI

For other versions of windows visit here >

Once installed all you need to do is unzip the contents the zip file you have taken from the server. It’s named Place the contents in their own folder on your desktop for ease.

Next, find out where OpenVPN is installed on your computer and navigate to the config file. It’s usually;

C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config

All you need to do now is copy and paste the files from your zip file into the config file. Make sure you copy them all into this folder.
Now you’re ready to connect to your VPN. Start the program by double-clicking the icon on your desktop. In the notification bar at the bottom right, you will see the grey GUI icon. Right-click this and click connect.

Windows VPN

The program will now connect to your VPN, pass your certificate for the server to check and if it’s all ok it will ask you for a password. Enter the password for the user you created and click connect.

NOTE: Some versions of our VPN installer do not ask for a password when connecting. This is still secure because the certificate to connect is stored on your pc at the above location

Shared VPN

This GUI icon will turn yellow to show it’s connecting and then green to show it’s connected.

You can now check to make sure your IP is the same as your VPN IP. You can use the free service at Free Webmaster Tools to do this > Check Your Current IP Address.

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