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economic importance of bamboo

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October 6, 2017

Return on investment on bamboo accruable to dealers: It can be seen from investment analysis that investment on bamboo has a high return as much timber forest products can yield. Rural poverty is undesirable. Wise use of this resource is closely related with food security, energy needs poverty alleviation and environmental protection. Volume 4, Issue 3-1, May 2015, Pages: 81-85, Department of Forestry and Wildlife Technology, Federal University of Technology, Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Federal University of Technology. Apart from these bamboo helps to maintain ecosystem balance such as clean air through carbon sequestration, as well as maintenance of biodiversity and attractive landscape. Tewari, D.N. Bamboo is an exquisite component of landscape design. The utilization of bamboo and forest resources by the rural people posses a great potential to the solution of rural poverty, unemployment and backwardness. bamboo. "Running" bamboos, though, need to be controlled during cultivation because of their potential for aggressive behavior. The limited use of bamboo in Western Europe has provided little knowledge about the economic viability of bamboo as a building material. [59][60], Due to its flexibility, bamboo is also used to make fishing rods. products) are an important pool of carbon and that they constitute a carbon sink (see e.g. "I do not think future of farmers can be transformed by producing wheat and rice as such carrying out innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and research is very important… Bamboo as a non-timber forest material can replace or use as an improvised alternative for furniture, building material, paper, ladder etc. Bamboo is an alternative to plastic that is renewable and can be replenished at a fast rate. As canons of Buddhism forbids cruelty to animals, flesh and egg were not allowed in the diet. Shun passed the test of being able to run his household with the two emperor's daughters as wives, and thus Yao made Shun his successor, bypassing his unworthy son. Categories of Bambooworking include: Bamboo, like true wood, is a natural building material with a high strength-to-weight ratio useful for structures. Yes, a key challenge with regard to the processing of bamboo is the cost of transportation. Individual bamboo culms do not get any taller or larger in diameter in subsequent years than they do in their first year, and they do not replace any growth lost from pruning or natural breakage. The latest data from China indicate that the Chinese bamboo industry created a value of US$5.5 billion in 2004. [8][9], Bamboos have long been considered the most primitive grasses, mostly because of the presence of bracteate, indeterminate inflorescences, "pseudospikelets", and flowers with three lodicules, six stamens, and three stigmata. Bamboo is the fastest growing timber like substance on earth, growing skyward as fast as 121cm in 24hours period and can also reach maximal growth rate exceeding one meter per hour for short period of time [2]. It is source of income to the rural villages and farmers. Bamboo are a significant structural component of many forest ecosystems and play a major role in ecosystem dynamics through their distinctive cycle of mass flowering and subsequent die – off [24]. The various uses of Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) were shown in table 2. [7] Bamboo's strength-to-weight ratio is similar to timber, and its strength is generally similar to a strong softwood or hardwood timber. Construction of platform/pallet for goats, Owner dealers who sell to middlemen who purchase and resell to builders, Middlemen who sell to end users for thatching, fencing and barn construction, Middle men who sell to yam farmers for yam staking. The communities of the In the Asia-Pacific region they occur across East Asia, from north to 50 °N latitude in Sakhalin,[13] to south to northern Australia, and west to India and the Himalayas. Bụt gave to him four magic words to attach the many nodes of bamboo: Khắc nhập, khắc xuất, which means "joined together immediately, fell apart immediately". ... Table 2 shows that all the respondents (100%) had knowledge of existence of bamboo in the locality, ... Energy Plant Species: their use and Bamboos are important resources (renewable resources) of economic welfare and rural development. Equally, 68 stated using it to confer aesthetic beauty on structures, 148 uses it for thatching/fencing and barn construction while an insignificant number (26) use it to construct platform, for goats. Ibe, A. E (2013): sustainable forest Resources management for Rural Livelihood and food security in Imo State, Nigeria. Bamboo, (subfamily Bambusoideae), subfamily of tall treelike grasses of the family Poaceae, comprising more than 115 genera and 1,400 species. Today, over one billion people in the world live in bamboo houses. Certain species of bamboo can grow 910 mm (36 in) within a 24-hour period, at a rate of almost 40 mm (1 1⁄2 in) an hour (a growth around 1 mm every 90 seconds, or 1 inch every 40 minutes). One hypothesis to explain the evolution of this semelparous mass flowering is the predator satiation hypothesis, which argues that by fruiting at the same time, a population increases the survival rate of its seeds by flooding the area with fruit, so even if predators eat their fill, seeds will still be left over. Latif, M (1993) Effects of age and height of three Bamboo species on their machining properties. Bamboo is grown extensively in Nagaland and the socio- economic life of the Nagas revolves around the varied use of bamboo and its products. Little attention was paid to it in the past, because it was seen as not having substantial benefits in terms of generating revenue. International Fund for Agricultural Research/International Network for bamboo and Rattan Singapore. The study was carried out in Mbaise, Imo State Southeast Nigeria. Using descriptive-survey, data were obtained from 60 purposely chosen bamboo entrepreneurs from a list given by the Department of Trade of Industry. In this regard sources of pressure on its population need to be identified, its economic impact on the livelihood of the people and measures to mitigate its extinction. (2000): The development of non-traditional Bamboo technologies in Costa Rica" pp 2-6. Many Nepalese restaurants around the world serve this dish as aloo bodi tama. Over the next 2–5 years (depending on species), fungus begins to form on the outside of the culm, which eventually penetrates and overcomes the culm. Home Bamboo Fabric Home Economic Value of Bamboo Fabric Economic Value of Bamboo Fabric. Land use is of extreme importance in current global climate conditions as the world’s seven billion people compete for water, food, fiber and shelter. [28], Some bamboo species are acknowledged as having high potential for becoming invasive species. Bamboo, one of the "Four Gentlemen" (bamboo, orchid, plum blossom and chrysanthemum), plays such an important role in traditional Chinese culture that it is even regarded as a behavior model of the gentleman. Farmers in the yam cultivating areas of Nigeria, have high demand for Bamboo for staking vines of yams. In the Asian countries, you can find several delicious dishes of it including soups and curry. The amount from supply for building is higher because it is an all season business while yam staking is season barred. The leaves are sources of organic manure while when dried, it is used in rural households as fuel wood [, Over the years, as a result of the increasing level of poverty, the Nigeria rural sector has been regarded as the backward sector of the economy. Research needs for Bamboo and rattan in the year 2000. In this regard sources of pressure on its population need to be identified, its economic impact on the livelihood of the people and measures to mitigate its extinction. From the nine communities, twenty (20) respondents were selected on purposive basis from a list submitted by the community leader from each LGA. The scaffold is used in building [17]. Transportation costs are relatively high because culms are hollow inside. [36][37] Moreover, because of the rapid growth bamboo is an effective Climate change mitigation and carbon sequestration crop, absorbing between 100 and 400 tonnes of carbon per hectare. Proceeding of the international Bamboo workshop held in Cochin. They spread mainly through their rhizomes, which can spread widely underground and send up new culms to break through the surface. Along the riverine areas of Nigeria, houses are built entirely with Bamboo with only raffia palm used for roffing [21]. The landlord decided to foil the marriage with an impossible deal; the farmer must bring him a "bamboo tree of 100 nodes". An insignificant number (26) indicated using it for construction of pallet/platform for goats. Bamboo is the common term applied From the foregoing, bamboo contributes in no small measure to employment and income generation in the study area. Nripal Adhikary. The uses of bamboo Houses, schools and other buildings. International Network Research. Harvesting of bamboo is typically undertaken according to these cycles: Leaching is the removal of sap after harvest. This is why every one of our unique sustainable goodies are all locally grown … However, another argument against this is the lack of precedent for any living organism to harness something as unpredictable as lightning strikes to increase its chance of survival as part of natural evolutionary progress.[24]. Two distinct seasons are identified – rainy (wet) and dry season. Its binomial is Oryza sativa. The pine (sōng 松), the bamboo (zhú 竹), and the plum blossom (méi 梅) are also admired for their perseverance under harsh conditions, and are together known as the "Three Friends of Winter" (歲寒三友 suìhán sānyǒu) in Chinese culture. Gardeners working with bamboo plants have occasionally reported allergic reactions varying from no effects during previous exposures, to immediate itchiness and rash developing into red welts after several hours where the skin had been in contact with the plant (contact allergy), and in some cases into swollen eyelids and breathing difficulties (dyspnoea). For the human environment, Bamboo provides shade, acts as windbreaks, provides a aesthetic value, has anti-erosion property that sticks the soil together along fragile river banks of deforested areas and in places vulnerable to erosion menace. The origin of the word "bamboo" is uncertain, but it probably comes from the Dutch or Portuguese language, which originally borrowed it from Malay or Kannada. (IFAR / INBAR, 199, Tawari, 1992). 35.56% O’Level, (WAEC/GCE/NABTEB), 8.89% OND, 2.22% have Higher National Diploma (HND), 13.33% B.Sc and other degree while 2.2% have no formal education. Examples include clothing such as shirt tops, pants, sock for adults and children as well as bedding such as sheets and pillow covers. After harvesting, virtually every part of the plant is used to make a wide variety of … The shoot is now a fully mature culm. Mountain gorillas of Central Africa also feed on bamboo, and have been documented consuming bamboo sap which was fermented and alcoholic;[15] chimpanzees and elephants of the region also eat the stalks. Bambusa vulgaris, Bambusa balcooa, and Dendrocalamus stocksii are common examples of such bamboo. In essence, there is no species or family without socio-economic importance, Bamboo inclusive. [14] They also occur in small numbers in sub-Saharan Africa, confined to tropical areas, from southern Senegal in the north to southern Mozambique and Madagascar in the south. the people are great farmers producing farm / agricultural produce like yams, cassava, maize, palm oil, plantain, vegetables, Livestock, poultry, fish etc.

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