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how to become a minimalist

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October 6, 2017

You’ve heard it time and time again: minimalism, tiny houses, downsizing, minimalist living. The next step in your minimalist journey is to organize and declutter your home. Rather than purchasing multiple things you never use, use for a short time and replace, etc, minimalist living will make you thoughtful of your … My goal is to show you: how wonderful and fulfilling a minimalist life is. For this reason, I am writing this article. But here are some characteristics of a minimalist home: Minimal furniture. You can skip this step if you already have some knowledge of the … At quick inspection, I found five in my living room, one in my kitchen, three in my bedroom, and there was even one in a drawer in my bathroom. If you want to distance yourself from the wild consumerism that took over this world in the last few decades, minimalist is your solution. Begin with One Aspect of Your Life Photo via @braybraywoowoo. Go for a few pieces of plain, simple furniture (here, an example of a minimalist coffee table) with solid, subdued colors. MakeSpace® is a registered trademark of MakeSpace LLC What is minimalism? Travel lightly. Finances – Start taking actionable steps now to save money, manage your finances and pay down debt. I am a minimalist, but not to any extreme. My why was health. Figure out why you want to simplify. If I organized each location individually, I would still end up with 10+ writing utensils. I don’t have an end point in mind. Growing up, I could never have imagined that one day, I would tell the story of my life as a minimalist because, at the time, the idea of choosing to live with less was completely foreign to me.. In this scenario, everything in the living area gets organized, and then everything in the kitchen, and then everything in the bedroom, etc. Becoming minimalist can also save you money! So the first step is to start with a literal clean slate and throw out all of the trash. It’s having and being surrounded by fewer material items, so you can do more with your time and life. You become friendlier. Start slow. This is my story of transitioning to minimalism and how you can become minimalist as well! 32 Tips on Becoming a Minimalist This is a list, albeit not complete on things that you should seriously consider getting rid of in your home. Get wire shelving to maximize space in your cabinets. Minimalism is different for everyone. Maybe it’s moving to an apartment that’s 200 square feet smaller than your current living situation. Clear out a room at a time. And that toaster from Aunt Gertrude that’s not quite what you wanted, but it’s the thought that counts? This is especially easy to do with kitchen utensils and appliances (like a four-in one-grater or a single bottle opener for wine and beer). You can also buy a duvet cover that can be used unfilled in the summertime as a light comforter, and then filled with a heavy duvet in the winter. 11 Essential Steps to Become a Minimalist. And the thought of it sounds good — living with less things so you can live with more heart, passion, and joy. If you haven’t used it at least twice in the last six months, then it’s time to toss it. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle isn’t the secret to endless happiness and contentment, though. Some people define their minimalist lifestyle by only owning a certain number of items (like a capsule wardrobe). Other people achieve a minimalist lifestyle by minimizing the actual space that they take up in the world, and may seek out smaller living arrangements like a studio apartment or tiny house. I call these “once upon a time items.” (As in, “Once upon a time not long ago, when people wore pajamas and lived life slow, I thought I could pull off patterned leggings.”). A clutter-free countertop can become a clutter-free room and a clutter free room can become the clutter-free, minimalist home you’ve been thinking about. If you’re looking for easy ways to become a minimalist, then check out these tips from Adventures with Asha. The minimalist style will never go out of style, rest assured. When you find yourself struggling to decide if an item should stay or should go, ask yourself these three questions: If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then it can stay. To see what has happened to me since becoming a minimalist check out my other post “Why You Should Become a Minimalist“. It can also be done with other items, such as these space-saving furniture ideas for every room in your apartment. Asha is a personal growth and lifestyle blogger on a mission to help people slay their lives and start living according to their own terms. 45 Benefits of Becoming a Minimalist. 1. Almost every single article says to start small and just start decluttering. As you embark on a minimalist journey, you'll likely start noticing some positive changes in your life right away. Minimalism is a lifestyle, which means it is a lifelong journey that is constantly evolving and improving as you are. When you find these items, use the Six Month Use It or Lose It Rule. Put that to the test by implementing the Use It or Lose It Rule. Maybe it’s simply decluttering your home. 4 simple steps to become a minimalist 1. Travel always renews my love of … Generally it takes 3 to 5 days for our team lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Once you’ve met the decision to live a more simplistic life, you’ll be … If you’re interested in living a minimalist life, the following is a great place to start with. I wanted to discover what meant most to me, what made my heart sing. But you could throw out the second blender that you have, or that old postcard from grandma that is nice, but doesn’t quite tug at your heartstrings. Some people define their minimalist lifestyle by only owning a certain number of items (like a capsule wardrobe). Everything should have a place … that it … Instead, become an advocate for minimalism by living your life to the fullest. Take a look at our guide and become a minimalist … Share Resources and Responsibilities. Depending on how you like to live minimally, the benefits can be wide-ranging and permanent. Make these easy changes to your lifestyle, and you’ll enjoy living with less in no time. In reality, these items are wasted space, and minimalism is all about maximizing space. All the dog toys you just bought? What a Minimalist Home Looks Like This would vary, of course, depending on your taste and how extreme of a minimalist you want to be. Write down why you want to become a minimalist. But think about all the places in your house where you might keep a writing utensil. Storage without the struggle. Minimalism is different for everyone. One perk of becoming a minimalist is that the less things you have, the less time you will spend cleaning and maintaining them. By adopting a more minimalist lifestyle and applying it to your future purchases, you can actually save money. If so, you can still temporarily remove it from your space with a pickup by MakeSpace, and have it delivered back next season. The first step to becoming a minimalist here is to make a note. A minimalist … You don’t have to give away all of your belongings and buy a tiny home to adopt a minimalist … I want you to recognize that your difficult beginning will become … Fastest Way to Become Minimalist If there’s one thing I read in every single “how to become a minimalist” article, it’s that it takes time. Sometimes we are too emotionally tied to our sentimental items. Take a minimalist … Minimalist … Try removing one piece of clothing from your closet for every new item that you purchase. You’ll see exactly how many spoons, towels, blenders, sunglasses, shoes, and books you have. And that’s the beauty of minimalist living: you get to look at your life — your job, the number of people in your family, your lifestyle, your needs and desires — and determine what minimalism looks like on a personal level. Struggling to minimize items? How to become a minimalist. As you find balance in your day-to-day life, the benefits of a minimalist’s life will become … Living a minimalist lifestyle is amazing. That’s where the KonMari method comes in. Your why may be different. Read Next: How to Become a Minimalist: 8 Steps. In the midst of your initial cleaning, you may come across some items that you have used before, but haven’t used recently. Think about it: When you have fewer dishes, you spend less time washing and drying them. Listed below are a few surprising things that you can look forward to as a minimalist, other than the obvious advantage of having a decluttered mind. It’s one of the hottest cleaning, decluttering, and organizing methods out there right now, and one of the golden rules is to organize items by category, not by location. … Which is good news, because it’s a whole lot easier to be a minimalist homesteader if you are willing to rely on your local community for some things. Terms 16. Through becoming minimalist I am now able to keep the clutter at bay and maintain clear counters an a simplified kitchen. Minimalism doesn’t have to be complicated. Whatever your definition of minimalism, make sure that it’s something sustainable and achievable for your life. The box that your Amazon order came in. Just getting rid of stuff wasn’t my intention. Learn more, ©2019 MAKESPACE LLC, NEW YORK, NY Minimalism forces us to let go of those emotions, and focus on functionality. 3 Keep only the essentials. Looking for some guidance on how many of a certain item you need? Once you’ve minimized the amount of things you own, make sure that you start to limit what you bring into your home, as well. Eventually, try to work up to tossing things that you haven’t used in the last three months, and then items from the last month. I want to posit 5 ideas, that you need to always remember on this path, to help you process and cope with the above 12 struggles. A minimalist way of living has changed my life in so many amazing ways. If you don’t want to force yourself into minimalism by moving into a camper van, you can also try these steps below: Figure Out Your Why. And today, she’s here to help you slay minimalism. As more and more people become … This article was written by Asha from Adventures with Asha, whose mission is to help women own who they are while leaving room to grow and change on their own terms. You too, might agree, as an aspiring minimalist. FINAL THOUGHTS + RESOURCES ON HOW TO BE A MINIMALIST 4. Whether looking at your furniture or … Doing so allows you to easily get rid of the duplicates. Encourage, but don’t preach. In fact, by my twenties, I was a full-blown shopaholic and workaholic— about as far from a minimalist … Or maybe it’s completely downsizing your life. You can still live a minimalist lifestyle and not live in a small 300-square-foot home. If it’s a seasonal item, like your winter coat or a swimsuit, then ask yourself if you used it regularly last season. I am still seeking, experimenting and defining enough. Minimalism is simply taking control over your life and distilling it down to it’s most important parts. MakeSpace® is a registered trademark of MakeSpace LLC, The Stress-Free Guide To Hosting Your First Dinner Party [8 Steps, With Pictures], intentionally living with only the things that you absolutely need, Three sets of sheets per bed (two if you do laundry more often), struggling to decide if an item should stay or should go, here’s how to store and preserve your old photographs, Decluttering Flowchart: Finally Expel Clutter From Your Home, wire shelving to maximize space in your cabinets, 13 Painless Ways To Organize, Store, And Get Rid Of Paper Clutter. Let others learn how to become a minimalist by watching your example. As much as we all hate to admit it, there are some items in our homes that are just junk. Now that we have a basic idea of minimalism, let’s dive into eight easy steps to living a minimalist lifestyle! Becoming Minimalist quickly became a place to encourage others to embrace minimalism. Tips, tricks, and endless ways to make more space in your life. After you have simplified your home, it’s time to branch out and be minimalistic in other areas of your life too. In the notes, affirm the reasons you desire to become a minimalist. If you’re trying to have less, then it makes sense to have items that serve more than one purpose. And be sure to cancel those magazine subscriptions that you don’t read. Guide on how to become a minimalist in 30 days . … Make minimalism a habit. #minimalistkitchen #howtodeclutteryourkitchen … Remember how we learned that minimalism is all about adopting a less is more mentality and only living with the things that you need? Duis iaculis vel magna tristique amet iaculis: We'll let you know when we come your way. 1. Some practical advice: Clutter breeds clutter. Design by Brian Gardner. Your favorite sweater that shrunk in the wash. Set yourself a spending limit for new items each month. … Your family will probably appreciate a slideshow of photos way more than crowding around one photo book. Inspire, but don’t judge. But what about your perfectly curated wardrobe? Related Post: A Helpful Guide to Minimalism With Kids. Hang your paper towel roll or mugs under a cabinet. Minimalist living allows you the freedom to spend less time and money on stuff, and spend more energy on actually living. Minimalism is intentionally living with only the things that you absolutely need. Instead of keeping all your old photo albums, scan the pictures to your computer. There is always a reason for wanting to live a minimalist … In my experience, slow shifts are more sustainable than radical change. Then you can make more educated decisions about what to keep and what to toss. It’s a journey you’ve started, freeing up more time, space, and money for more meaningful pursuits. MINIMALISM FOR BEGINNERS » How to become a minimalist & live your best life. Maybe you want to pursue your dream job, travel the world, or have … Being a minimalist doesn’t mean that you don’t have a good sense of sustainable fashion, but that you adhere to basic colors that match almost every wardrobe – classic and stylish. The broken items that we say we will get around to fixing but obviously never do. Some people like to organize everything by location. From changing your attitude to decluttering your home, follow these steps to become a minimalist! And the big question: “Do I need to completely downsize?”. I was seeking more. Privacy. You wouldn’t throw away your only blender if you use it weekly, and you don’t have to toss your grandma’s old photo albums (here’s how to store and preserve your old photographs). You didn’t do all this work to be undone by a few impulsive shopping sprees. Becoming a Minimalist. By seeking a minimalist lifestyle we identify priorities in our lives and intentionally … List what items and experiences are meaningful to you People choose to become a minimalist in an effort to have more meaning in their life. It does not boldly require anyone to become minimalist overnight—nor does it specifically define the word for you. It’s possible to take some of the main ideas of minimalism and incorporate them into your own life. Like I said, if it serves no purpose, if it doesn’t … I had to experiment to determine what was enough for me. Because of the generosity from the Becoming Minimalist community, earlier this year, The Hope Effect became the first nonprofit to receive government approval to provide family-style care in the state of … Other people achieve a minimalist lifestyle by minimizing the actual space that they take up in the world, and may seek out smaller living arrangements like a studio apartment or tiny house. You don’t have to fight for room for that final stack of Tupperware (none of which matches, by the way). And remember, keep only what you need now, not what you think you’ll need in the future. Below, I’ve put together some of my best tips for getting started with … Get handy organizational tips and space-saving hacks delivered straight to your inbox. Minimize the space they take up instead.

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